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Guest Post: DebtFree-Revolution And The NCN Network

As many of you know, not only do I blog here at No Credit Needed, I also manage the No Credit Needed Network. Over at the Network, members can create a personal finance goal and track their progress. Those members who have websites can post their progress charts on their websites.

Recently, NCN Network member DebtFree-Revolution paid off all non-mortgage debt. I asked DFR to write a guest post, hoping that it would inspire others to join the network and track their progress.

NCN has asked if I’d be interested in writing a guest post about becoming debt free and achieving my goal, as an inspiration to everyone else still struggling with the debt monster. Absolutely!!!

I am hollering back to everyone still climbing the mountain – “DO IT!!! It is SOOO worth it!!!”

It took me fourteen months to achieve my goal. Fourteen months of refusing to give in, refusing to quit refusing to give up the dream.

I’ve been called stubborn at times – and I even went out and got the proverbial extra weekend job delivering pizzas to get it done as fast as I could. I wanted OUT of debt!

At the beginning of my journey, it was slow going and it seemed like I wasn’t making progress. Then I found the NCN Network, and made my chart. Here was what I needed: a graphical visual representation of my actual progress. The pie slice expanded …sometimes so small I had to look at the percentage number to be sure it really was moving, but it still moved. Then it picked up speed as the number of payments shrank and the amount being paid off per month began to grow.

Then it happened – The Big Day when I became officially debt free (except for the house)!

You can do it too. Get mad! Get determined! Get out of debt!

I want to thank DFR for this inspiring post. If you are in debt (or looking for great articles about staying debt free), I encourage you to visit DebtFree-Revolution!

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  1. Being debt free is an unbelievable feeling. That’s why I think you should start with the debt that has the lowest payoff instead of the highest interest rate. You will acheive that feeling after each debt, and you will be encouraged.

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