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113th Carnival of Debt Reduction – Questions / Answers

Welcome to the 113th Carnival of Debt Reduction. I’ve hosted the carnival several times – and I was intrigued by this week’s submissions. Some came from established personal finance bloggers, but most come from bloggers who are just starting out. I thought I’d list the posts using a question/answer format – and I’ll add a few thoughts at the end of the list of posts. I want to thank all of the bloggers who submitted articles to this week’s Carnival of Debt Reduction.

1. Why in the world do we get into debt in the first place? Journey To Financial Freedom suggests reasons for Why People Are In Debt.

2. Are you thinking about getting out of debt? My Journey To Eliminate Debt has written part 3 of a Where Do I Start? series.

3. Can you talk to your spouse about your finances? Cynthia’s Debt Marathon writes about The Disagreement – One spouse wants to use the credit card – the other does not.

4. Have you considered cashing out retirement to payoff debt? CollectingMyCash is thinking about it – Risky Business?

5. Should you payoff your mortgage or invest? Free Money Finance has five interesting points to consider when deciding – Paying Off The Mortgage Versus Investing.

6. Should you payoff a low-interest debt, even if you could earn money on the difference? How I Will Be Rich asks this question in a post entitled Pay Off My Debt… Or Don’t And Save the Difference.

7. Would you sell your car if it meant you could generate extra money and reduce your debts? My Dollar Plan has thought about it.. and is not selling the car.

8. Will you need to make some changes so that you can have a secure financial future? Paid Twice has written a very good post about how Change Is In The Air – a detailing of all of the changes they’ve made over the past few years.

9. Should you buy a house – or rent? Millionaire Mommy has a very interesting post about Renting Versus Buying.

10. Do you really need a budget? The Happy Rock asks Do We Earn The Right Not To Budget?

11. Have you considered a second job? Me Vs. Debt works as a tutor.

12. Do you struggle with budgeting? Dough Roller suggests a simple approach to budgeting.

13. Have you considered paying yourself first? Broke Grad Student is doing just that… $1 at a time.

14. What ’causes’ debt? Debt Reduction Formula suggests 3 Insidious Causes of Debt.

15.  Are you trying to payoff your credit cards?  Ask Mr. Credit Card has suggestions and a cool “how to”.

Again, I want to thank all of the bloggers who submitted articles to this week’s carnival. I did want to remind my readers that the opinions expressed by those who contributed do not reflect the opinions of No Credit Needed.

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  4. To all…
    I enjoyed hosting… and be sure to submit articles to and check out next week’s Carnival…

  5. Hey NCN! I’m definitely new to the PF blog scene, but I’ve been hooked on your 33 Days series from the start. Thanks for gathering these posts and for your ongoing effort in fight for finacial freedom!

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