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Food For Thought – Articles From My Blogroll About Saving, Investing, Spending, And Frugal Living

When I first started blogging, I always loved it when another blogger would link to me and mention an article that I had written.  Guess what?  I still love it!  And, when I find an article that strikes me as interesting and / or informative, I like to link to it and share it with my readers.  (I’ve mentioned this before, but I read every blog listed in my blogroll, everyday.  Why?  I really do enjoy reading about personal finance and I am constantly amazed by the wealth of free information – all of it just a click or two away!)

Consumerism Commentary is upgrading an entertainment system.  (IF I reach my goal of saving $48,000 this year, I’m going to reward myself and buy an HDTV!)

Hazzard writes about keeping a car for 15 years.  I have a 1994 Ford F150, so that’s, let’s see – 13 years.  And a 2000 van – 7 years.  And a 2001 car – 6 years.  So, I’m almost there with one automobile, but only halfway with the other two.  I doubt I’ll make it the full fifteen with the van (or the car) but the trucks gonna be with me, for life.

Nickel has compared WT Direct (a new online saving account) to some of the old standbys – ING Direct, Emigrant, etc.

FMF has a take on Jim Cramer.  I like to watch Cramer – but I roll with Index-Based ETFs.

Frugal Babe is tracking expenses.  I enjoy reading posts like this.  Whenever I do, I’m reminded of WHY I started blogging about PERSONAL finances in the first place.

Frugal For Life has written about purging excess.  As usual, Dawn finds a new way of explaining the practical side of frugal living.

Speaking of avoiding excess, that’s all for now.  My fantasy football draft is starting… and I’ve got a defense to draft in the third round.

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