Starting Monday, More Posts, More Often, More Content

In an effort to better organize my own thoughts, my various sites, and the content found here at No Credit Needed, I will introduce a new, experimental blogging schedule. The experimental schedule will start Monday morning and continue until the following Sunday evening, upon which time I shall determine whether or not I shall continue with the experimental schedule. The schedule shall be as follows:

9:00 AM I shall compose and publish a debt reduction post, focusing on basic techniques for getting out of debt.

11:00 AM The 11 o’clock hour shall be dedicated to a post about my own personal finances. Topics included in the 11:00 AM post shall include (but not be limited to) spending habits, savings goals, and personal progress.

2:00 PM I shall discuss various other personal finance sites, deals, blogs, and news.

5:00 PM In an effort to broaden my understanding of the financial markets, I shall attempt to write a post about my investments, my investing goals, and the day’s market news.

10:00 PM The final post of the day will be reserved for miscellaneous discussions, personal items of interest, or simply general information. Also, I shall mention any posts that I have written for my blog or any “guest posts” that I may have written for other blogs.

I shall, of course, reserve to the right to write a post about anything at anytime, but I hope to provide, primarily for myself, some STRUCTURE. I have created categories associated with the above mentioned times. (On Tuesday, I shall be hosting the Festival of Frugality, and I shall post it according to its regularly appointed schedule.) Using the word “shall” so many times has given me a headache.

5 thoughts on “Starting Monday, More Posts, More Often, More Content

  1. You shall NOT spread yourself too thin this week and make sure you have some fun!!!!! 🙂

    It’s funny, when I read your schedule, I thought to myself, wow, I really need to re-think my daily schedule as well. Thank you for the tip. Of course my schedule will include many trips to the potty (OMG) please tell me this potty training thing gets easier! *sigh* 🙂

  2. I think you’ve got an excellent structured approach at moving forward – productive, informative, and educational approach.

  3. Did you post about how this schedule went? (Maybe I missed it?) Remaining organized and structured certainly helps out, but sometimes outside sources tend to push me off schedule. I find I get much more done when I am in a solid routine.

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