Wow, That Was Fast! Georgia Income Tax Refund Received

Seven days ago, I filed my federal and state income taxes.

Expecting refunds, I chose to have them directly deposited to my ING Direct account. I logged in this morning, and I have ALREADY received my state income tax refund. The state of Georgia Department of Revenue is “on the ball”! Both of my refunds will be deposited into my recently depleted Emergency Fund.

My Georgia income tax refund was less than $50. Last year, my refund took about three weeks to process, so you can imagine how shocked I was to see my 2006 refund processed so quickly. It would be interesting to get a look “behind-the-scenes” and see exactly how they process the thousands of returns they receive.

I wonder how long it will take for the IRS to process my refund.  (As a side note:  Don’t we have enough smart people in this country so that we could simplify this entire process?  Why does our tax code have to be so complex / complicated?)

4 thoughts on “Wow, That Was Fast! Georgia Income Tax Refund Received

  1. I actually just filed our taxes on Tuesday and got the MD state refund today! That was about $650.

    I owe federal, so I scheduled the payment for April.

  2. The tax code is that complicated because the government tries to encourage certain industries and behaviours, and creates exceptions for those. i.e deductions for mortgage interest and education costs, EITC to help low wage earners, all sorts of wacky loopholes for big corporations etc. Add up all the favors and you’re looking at a whacking great stack of tax codes 🙂 Some people are pushing for a “flat tax”, which makes interesting reading, but seems regressive and too hard on the poor to me.

  3. You can find out when you are getting your federal refund by going to the IRS site. Google “where’s my refund?” Then you enter your info and it will tell when your refund will be deposited.

  4. We were to receive a $214 refand on our Georgia State Taxes for 2007. Well it’s November and we haven’t seen it yet. They gave our tax refund to charity. Looking at our taxes you can clearly see we need the charity. Called over 45 days ago they said they would straighten this out in 30 days. Called two weeks ago and they said they are behind a little. Said it will be 10 to 12 weeks now. The story is different when they want their money. Maybe we should charge interest.

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