Money Blogger Podcast: Author Agrees With NCN?

One of my fellow podcasters, Scott from the Money Blogger Podcast, recently interviewed Janine Bolon, author of Ditching Debt. Before the interview, Scott asked me to submit any questions that I might have for Janine. Two of my questions were used.

In what order should you pay off your debts? (I paid off my debts LOWEST BALANCE to HIGHEST BALANCE.)

Can you/should you pay cash for automobiles and homes? (My thoughts…)

I strongly suggest that you check out the interview. Plus, if you fast-forward to the 15:00 mark, you can hear Janine’s answers to my questions. (Hint, hint: Janine sounds a LOT like little old NCN (without the souther accent!)

I love people who talk in PLAIN ENGLISH and who have REAL, PRACTICAL ADVICE! Scott does a great job of conducting an interview. (He interviewed me way back in February of 2006!)

If you decide to buy Janine’s book, think about clicking on this link and buying it from Amazon. I’ll make a referral fee and you’ll get a great book! Ditching Debt

1 thought on “Money Blogger Podcast: Author Agrees With NCN?

  1. Dear NCN, thank you for your questions during the interview. I’m thrilled that you think I sound like you and just so you know…I’m originally from Missouri. ( I say it, Missoura!) Keep up the excellent work at keeping yourself debt free and teaching others to do the same.

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