Free Money Finance: Elite 8 Includes NCN!

Free Money Finance has been running a “March Madness” style match up
of personal finance posts. One of my posts made it through to the ELITE
EIGHT! Yes! Please take a second to read all eight awesome posts over at Free Money Finance. My post is Avoid 10 Common Debt Reduction Mistakes. To be honest, all of the posts that remain are great. To vote, leave a comment at Free Money Finance. Props to my “friendly” competition, Five Cent Nickel, who has THREE posts listed in the final eight. (Two of his posts come from Five Cent Nickel, while the other comes from his site, Raising 4 Boys.)

Speaking of the “real” March Madness, I had UCLA and Texas in the finals, so half of my bracket is dead. (Oh yeah. I only fill out ONE bracket. Integrity people, integrity.)

If you have not done so already, may I suggest that you read this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance?  It is being hosted by Lazy Man And Money, and he was kind enough to post my submission, even though I was late with my submission.  Thanks, Lazy Man!

2 thoughts on “Free Money Finance: Elite 8 Includes NCN!

  1. I have to admit that I had sort of mixed feeling about beating you this last round, as I really liked that post of yours. Ah, well… That’s life, I guess.

    By the way, this round R4B and FCN are facing off (I had an R4B vs. R4B face-off earlier). Bad news, good news, I guess… I’m guaranteed a loss, but I’m also guaranteed at least one spot in the Final Four.

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