Check Out My Prediction From Two Years Ago!

I have been reading some of my old posts. I came across this pretty awesome post from way back in April of 2005. Keep in mind, this was my FOURTH post. At the time, I was thinking about what “might” happen if I stuck with my plan. Take a minute and read the post, then jump back.

Goals Expanded From April 2005

Did you note the final few lines?

So in 2 years from now, I could be debt-free, with 30,000 dollars in the bank, and be ready to make some serious, serious retirement account contributions.

Now check out this post from just two weeks ago where I discuss my progress over the past two years.

$43,00 Change in 22 Months From February 2007

Please note the final few lines from this post:

If you add all of those numbers up, I now have a positive cash position of $44,500.  In twenty-two months, I’ve improved my cash position by $43,000.

If you exclude my retirement account, I’ve paid off $11,500 worth of debt, and increased my checking and savings by a combined $21,500.  That is a $33,000 change in twenty-two months.

That’s pretty close!  When I made my plans 2 years ago, I was planning to discontinue my contributions to my retirement account.  I changed my mind along the way.  I decided to continue to contribute to my retirement.  So, my non-retirement savings are a little less than I had anticipated, but my retirement savings are a lot more.  All in all, I did a pretty good job of “predicting” my future.

Like the A-Team:  “I love it when a plan comes together…”

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  1. And it’s not even April yet! 🙂 Best I can figure is you’ve got almost 2 full months to even get closer! 🙂 WTG, NCN!!!

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