The Bathroom Remodel Update 2 (Pic!)

As I noted before, I’m remodelling our bathroom. Since the last post, I’ve focused on cleaning the grout thoroughly, sanding down the walls, repainting the vanity doors, and replacing an old window. Below is a picture of the new window. Getting the old window out and the new window in was surprisingly easy. I’ve tacked the window into place with some old molding. I’ll purchase, cut, paint, and nail the new molding next week. Plus, I need to purchase some insulation to go around the window. I took the photo with my cellphone camera. Sorry about the quality of the picture, but I wanted to give you a visual to go along with the post. I’ll take some better pictures with my digital camera and post them tomorrow.


As you can see, the bathroom is a bland khaki. My wife is at her mom’s house, and the two of them are going to Lowe’s tonight to pick out a paint color.

2 thoughts on “The Bathroom Remodel Update 2 (Pic!)

  1. Where did you find out how to replace a window? I’ve tackled all sorts of home improvement projects, but that’s one that’s made me nervous thinking about.

  2. Bluntmoney,
    My dad is a carpenter, so he told me how to do it over the phone. Of course, I have none of his “skills” so it was cool to do this “by myself”. I wish that I would have paid some attention to him when I was growing up!

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