The Bathroom Remodel Update 1

As I mentioned previously, I’m remodeling our bathroom. So far, I’ve removed the old door, taken the doors off of the vanity cabinet, thrown away the old shower rod, scrubbed the grout, mopped the floor, puttied over the holes in the walls, and cleaned the shower. We have decided to keep the old shower, the old toilet, and the old sink, and simply paint the walls, replace a window, and hang a new door. I’ve already purchased new nobs for the shower and the sink and I’m going to get the new window, the new door, and a new shower-head tomorrow. My wife and the kids are out of town for the weekend visiting her parents, so I’ll be working on the bathroom Friday night and Saturday morning. The only part of the project that I’m a little worried about is replacing the window. I talked to my dad, and I’m pretty sure that I can do it. I guess we’ll all know by tomorrow night!

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