Filing My Taxes

Today I’ll begin the process of filing my income taxes.  I’m printing out copies of last year’s return, organizing my various documents, and searching for a free place to file.  If I find out that I have to pay additional taxes, I’ll wait until April to actually file my return.  If I find out that I’m going to get a refund, I’ll file my taxes immediately.  I hope I’ve managed to withhold just enough so that I either owe a very small amount or get a very small refund.  I’d hate to know that I’d given the IRS an interest-free loan this year.  For those of you who get major refunds this year, change your withholdings!  You’ll have more money each month.

1 thought on “Filing My Taxes

  1. Couple of comments:

    1) TaxAct allows you to prepare and e-file your federal taxes for free. I did it online last year but I believe you can also download their software.
    2) You can download Tax Cut for free (from but it does not include a free e-file.
    3) If it turns out you owe taxes, you can still e-file immediately and just defer payment until the due date. I did this last year, as well.

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