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2007 State Sales Tax Holiday: Iowa

Every year I like to compile a list of state sales tax holidays. This year I’ll be doing a series of posts highlighting the various states which have state sales tax holidays. Each state will have a separate post, with links to additional information and a basic description of that particular state’s sales tax holiday regulations.

The first state with information for 2007 is Iowa. Iowa has a standard state sales tax of 5%. Local communities can also impose local taxes. So, if you purchase items during the tax holiday, you will save an automatic 5%. In some cases you could save as much as as 7%, including state and local taxes.

Iowa State Sales Tax Holiday Details:

Dates: August 3-4, 2007

Items Exempt: Clothing and Shoes priced under $100 PER item.

More Information: Iowa State Tax Holiday Main Site, PDF For Details, PDF For Items

I’ll post more information for mores states as they update their official sites.

1 thought on “2007 State Sales Tax Holiday: Iowa

  1. Rather than spending time in Iowa for two days, just make your purchases in Minnesota, where every day is a tax holiday from clothing and food purchases.

    From Wikipedia:

    Minnesota has a 6.5% state sales tax. Food and Clothing are exempt from this tax. Municipalities may be allowed by the State Legislature to institute local option taxes. An additional 0.5% is imposed in St. Paul and Minneapolis, bringing the total sales tax to 7%. As of Jan. 1 2007 an additional 0.15% will be imposed by Hennepin County to finance the new Minnesota Twins stadium.

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