David Beckham Could Send 5,000 Kids To College

David Beckham is reportedly getting 250,000,000 dollars to play soccer in the United States.  If David were to give the parents of 5,000 kindergarten students 50,000 a piece, and those parents were to invest that 50,000 dollars at a conservative rate of 8%, that 50,000 dollars would grow to almost 140,000 dollars in 12 years.  It is conceivable that David Beckham, if he wanted to, could send 5 THOUSAND kids to college in 2020.  And he’d still be a multi-millionaire from his previous income.  Wow.  (The average 4 year public college education in the U.S. costs roughly 50K.)  Even if I am half-wrong, David could easily send 2500 kids to college.  And if I’m half-wrong the other way?  David might be able to send 10,000 kids.  250,000,000 dollars is a staggering amount of money.  Gooooooaaaaaallllll.