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NCN Podcast Update and Other Stuff

I’ve been super busy updating stuff around the various NCN Sites:

First, the latest episode of the No Credit Needed Podcast is up and ready for your listening enjoyment. By the way, the NCN Podcast is now number TWELVE in the Business News section of iTunes! There are 3 ways to enjoy the NCN Podcast.

1. Click here to go to the No Credit Needed Podcast page, click on any of the blue show links, and listen to the show on your computer (via Media Player, Winamp, Etc.)

2. Copy and paste this url in your favorite podcatching software to subscribe:

3. Click here to open iTunes and subscribe to the No Credit Needed Podcast.

Second, I’ve started updating (again) the No Calories Needed site. It’s located here. Just a simple weigh in, with some information about what I’m eating.

Third, there are TONS of updates over at the No Credit Needed Network site. Just go there, click around, and you’ll see lots of awesome updates. Completed charts, new members, awesome updates. If you are looking for inspiration, the No Credit Needed Network is for you.

Fourth, I’m super excited about 2007, and I hope to have a big “goals” post sometime this week. Questions I’m dealing with include:
How much in retirement?
How much in college savings?
Should I buy individual stocks?
International, growth, value mutual funds?

Fifth, and last, I hope you have a blessed and happy New Year!