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Linked, Links, Linking, Link?

Are you linking TO one or more of my sites? Please let me know so I can visit your site. If I like what I see, I’ll be glad to link back. (I require that a blog be at least two months old, and have at least one post per week to be included in my blogroll. Also, if you blog-fade, your blog will be removed.)

Am I linking to YOUR site? Please be kind and FIX your link to me. My url is Please, please drop the blogspot from your link to my site. I’ve moved to dedicated hosting! Please update your links!

In 2007, I really want to try to expand the reach of No Credit Needed, and I need your help. If you read the site, listen to the podcast, or enjoy the network, please, let your friends know. If you have a site, link to No Credit Needed. Leave a comment. Write a review for the podcast at iTunes. There are tons and tons of awesome personal finance blogs, and I think I do my part in supporting the other sites, hosting carnivals, etc. But, my own “niche” in this vast array of sites is that I’m pretty radically anti-debt. I don’t go for the “good debt / bad debt” stuff. I’m just “no debt”. As you can easly see, I’m really, really different. If you like the idea of hearing from a unique voice, from a unique perspective, I’m your kinda guy!

This is the end of my shameless self-promoting post. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

I… am… such… a… dork…!

(Off topic joke: Your mom is so religious, her car has stained-glass windows!)