How Did My Retirement Account Do In 2006?

I have my retirement money in a 403b account. So, how did it do in 2006? I had a return of 17.29%. Not bad, not bad at all. I think that return is better than any of the major indexes. Anyway, it’s better than the 10 percent that most retirement calculators use. I am JUST NOW learning about investing, mutual funds, etc. This return is basically a reflection of the fact that the entire market was up in 2006. Dumb luck, for me, really. I’m super excited about the possibility of contributing MUCH more to my retirement account in 2007. I will probably increase my monthly contribution to $1000. (One of the side-benefits of being debt-free? I can put more of my money to “work”! I have money earning interest in my ING Direct account, and I have money growing in my ESA and 403b accounts.)