Ever Want To…

Forget about your budget plans and splurge on something that you don’t really, really need?

Buy a 50 Inch HDTV, even though you only watch about 3 hours of television a week, just because they are soooo pretty?

Eat and eat and eat, even when you are not hungry, because you are: bored, tired, frustrated, happy, celebrating, stressed, etc… etc… etc…?

Put of doing something that is relatively easy, instead of going ahead and doing it and getting it over with?

Refuse to forgive someone, and stew in your anger, just because it feels “good” to be a jerk once in a while?

Grind your budget into little bits and pieces, spend a bunch of money, and live like “everybody” else for a month or two?

eBay EVERYTHING and go live in a cabin, in the woods, all by yourself, because you are tired of stupid people?

Eat even more?

Stop blogging, podcasting and networking, because… you know… they take hard work, effort and imagination, three things that are, right now, in short supply?

Kick somebody?

Go all day without a shower?


Let me tell you a little secret. You see those things up there. Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY has to deal with the temptation to throw their hands up, forgo progress, and stop moving forward. In order to be successful with your debt reduction (and life) you must be determined to press forward. You must refuse to live under the influence of your “feelings” and you must determine to live by the power of “faith” in your plan. If the idea of getting out of debt was good yesterday, it is still a good idea today. DO NOT STOP, even when tempted by frustrating situations, unforeseen setbacks, and temporary problems. You are in charge of you. You rock! You are awesome! You are “your change”.