Free Boxes For Shipping via USPS from eBay

If you like to use eBay (like I do!) for making some extra money (for debt reduction and/or extra income) you know that packing products (i.e. boxes) can be expensive. Alas! eBay has partnered with the Unites States Postal Service to offer FREE shipping boxes. Here’s the link for free boxes from the USPS and eBay.

eBay offers boxes in 6 sizes: 4 for PRIORITY MAIL and 2 for FLAT-RATE PRIORITY MAIL. The boxes are delivered straight to your door, and come in bundles of 25 or 10. The boxes are sturdy, and have super-strong adhesive ends, for securing your items. I use the bigger of the two flat-rate boxes for heavier, bigger items. The flat-rate boxes ship for 8.10, regardless of weight. I use the smaller priority boxes for shipping items which weight less than 2 pounds.

You can also pick up free Priority boxes at your local post office. I have found, however, that my local post office, which is rather small, seldom carries enough of these boxes. I love the convenience of ordering them in bulk via the Internet. It usually takes a week to two weeks to receive the boxes. (Irony: “priority boxes” ship via “parcel post…”)

(Quick note: I sell a lot of clothing on eBay, and I use the free Priority Mail envelopes, offered freely at the local post office.)

Negatives: You are “supposed” to only use these boxes with USPS and only for Priority or Flat-Rate Priority shipping. There are “hacks”… I’ve received items shipped in these boxes and the boxes have been: a. flipped inside-out b. distressed on the outside to cover up the eBay and USPS logos. I feel that these boxes should be used only for their intended purposes, shipping items via USPS Priority mail. (I also feel, however, that after a box has been used once, a person should feel free to recycle the box, and use it for whatever purpose they choose.)