Saving More Cash

I am 65% of the way towards reaching my goal of saving 20,000 dollars by 10/10/2006. You can check out my chart here… (shameless plug for the NCN Network…) So, it is almost time to reevaluate my goals for the coming year. (My wife and I each contribute to retirement plans, and we will be increasing our contributions in 2007. The following represent NON- RETIREMENT, NON-COLLEGE cash savings, for emergencies and planned purchases.) In our house, our fiscal year actually starts in OCTOBER…

My Goals by Year


[x] Save 1000 dollars for mini-emergency fund
[x] 11,510.22 Debt Re-Payment (Actually completed in February 2006)


[ ] Save 20,000 dollars in a 6-Month Emergency fund (65% complete)


[ ] Save 20,000 dollars in auto-replacement fund
[ ] Make 5000 in new, additional income

I save all of my money at ING Direct. They pay 4.35% on my savings. If you’d like a referral to ING Direct so that you can start your cash savings, please click this link, or hit the contact button at the top of this page and send me an email. Also, if ING Direct does not float your boat, you can check out this awesome site which lists the best, current banking rates and deals.