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My (Very Simple) Bill Paying System

I like things that are simple. (So does my wife…That’s why she married me…hehe…DORK!)
So, I have created a super-simple way to manage all of my “online accessible accounts”. Please note: I can access all of my regular, monthly bills, online, except for my local phone bill. Here’s what I do.

First: I use the Firefox browser, which allows me to open multiple browsing tabs. I open all of my accounts at one time, each in its own tab.

Second: I right-click on one of the tabs, and select the “bookmark all open tabs” feature. This allows me to make a bookmark of each of the billing sites.

Third: When the bookmark option folder opens, I create a folder for all of my billing bookmarks to be placed in. I call my bookmark folder “Billing Information”.

Fourth: Now, when I need to find one of my billers, I simply go to my bookmarks, scroll down to my “Billing Information” folder, and pick the biller I want to see.

Fifth: This is my favorite. In Firefox, when you scroll through a bookmarks folder, there is this really cool option to “open in tabs”. I can click this, and ALL of my billing sites open at one time. I use firefox to store my passwords, so I can just go through, click the login button for each site, and, tah-dah, all of my billing information is open. I can click back and forth between my bills and my online bank, between my bank and ING, etc. etc. This way, I know when my bills are due, when they have cleared, and what my current balances are. Plus, if there were to be fraudulent charges, I would be aware of them very, very early in the process. By checking my billing sites DAILY, I am able to stay on top of things. AND, using this very, very simple technique, I can literally check everyone of them in less than 2 minutes.

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