Vacation is Over…

I’m back from my vacation! My family and I spent 8 days in St. Augustine, FL, and we had a wonderful time. A tropical storm came through Florida last Monday, but we were unaffected by it. The whether was wonderful all week long, the temps were not too high, no one got sun-burned, and my little boy learned to jump off the side of the pool.

Now, it’s time to get back into the personal finance swing-of-things:

The budget for our vacation worked out perfectly. (We stayed at a BEAUTIFUL condo that one of our friends owns, so that much was FREE!!!) We took 500 dollars in cash, and came home with money to spare. We ate out almost everynight, and we bought groceries twice. All told, the vactaion, with gas, food, etc. costs us less than 700 bucks. So, I was very, very happy.

I’ll be updating the NCN Network site as soon as I finish this post, so please check it out. (I am taking the kids to see the movie “Cars” at 2PM, and I hope to do a podcast sometime this evening.)