10 Free Computer Products I Use Everyday

1. OpenOffice from OpenOffice.Org. Free word processor, speadsheet, etc. I like it much better than Microsoft Office. 2. Firefox. The best browser, by far. 3. AVG Anti-Virus. Free, easy to use. 4. Thunderbird Email Application. See Firefox. 5. Yahoo Finance / Google Finance. 6. 7. Audacity. An awesome audio recording program. I use it for my podcast! 8. Itunes.…

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Frugality, Saving Money

10 Money Savers (That You Will Actually DO!)

What can I say… I’m loving the lists: Here are 10 Money Savers (That You Will Actually DO!) The problem with a lot of frugal ideas is that most people will not actually take the time to implement them. Why? Because they take effort or time or some combination of the two. The following are simple, easy, almost effortless, and…

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