Random Thoughts

Just Kickin’ It

Lots of bits and pieces.

I was able to send in another 200 bucks to ING. That makes my new total of 6300. Yes! You can check out my new chart over at the NCN Network.

As for the podcast, I have recorded Episode 11, but the server at Ourmedia is being a bit sloooow today. Hopefully it will be up sometime later this afternoon.

Clearly I am enjoying putting money into our savings account. March has been a very strange month, and we seemed to have fewer expenses than normal. Some of it has to do with the fact that we are back on the “envelope” system, and we are not writing any checks and are barely using our debit cards. (Next month, we go CASH ONLY, baby!)

I read this book, The Number , and while it is a decent read, I was less than impressed. The author talks and talks and talks about specifics and how each of us is different, and then fails to tell you EXACTLY how to find “your number.” You might want to check it out anyway…

A much BETTER read? The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. Great book, great author, great advice!