Cut It Out (Ways To Save Money On Energy Costs)

Our electricity bill runs from 125-200 dollars a month. I think I am going to plan for a super-cutback month in April, and try to get my electricity bill below 75 dollars. We live in South Georgia in a 30 year old, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, brick home. The home is not “ours” and therefore I cannot make any “structural” changes.

Here are 10 “easy” things that I am going to be sure to do:

Turn off unnecessary lights
Turn down hot water heater
Limit amount of time for showers/baths
Turn air conditioner up
Turn heater down
Turn off TV when we are not viewing
Turn off Computer at night when not in use
Turn temp in fridge up a tad
Limit use of stove
Change AC/Heater filter

Here are a few “radical” things that I might do:

Actually turn OFF the hot-water heater when we leave the house
Unplug any appliances that “stay” on all the time: TV, Satellite, Stove, Microwave, Etc. I wonder just how much these energy these appliance use when they are in “sleep” mode?
Capture rain water and allow sun to heat it up for a quick outside “bath”. (Ummm.. Probably won’t actually do this one, but it sounds neat.)
Cut-back or eliminate dish washer use and dryer use. (If you remember, I just bought a TON of dryer sheets… hmmm… Dilemmas, dilemmas!)

I’ll research for a bit, and hope to come up with other ways to save. Remember, I cannot do anything “structural” to the house: windows, doors, etc.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome…