The Great eBay Experiment

I know that a lot of people buy items at discount prices and turn around and sell them on eBay, so I thought that I might try this to make a little extra cash. Here’s the breakdown. I purchased 3 items at 38.65 each. I am listing them at 49.99 opening bids, with a Buy It Now price of 65.00. I have ordered the items and have already listed them. They should arrive at my house by Tuesday or Wednesday, and I can ship them the same day they arrive, if need be. Here’s the entire deal.

Ebay Experiment
Product Costs:
Purchase Price $38.65
Ebay Fees $4.16
PayPal Fees $1.80
Actual Shipping $4.05
Product Revenue
Minimum Sale Price: $49.99
Shipping/Handling $6.00
Profit: $7.33
Number of Items: 3
Total Profit: $21.99

So, as long as they do sell, I will make 21.99 in 7 days. I’ll keep you up-to-date. Hopefully they will sell for more than the minimum. Still, at 7.33 per item, that’s a 18 percent return in just 7 days. Not bad.