The Great eBay Experiment (Update 1)

So, this gets rather complicated. Before you read the rest of this post, please click here to familiarize yourself with the initial eBay Experiment data.

Good. As you can see, my EXPECTED minimum profit was going to be: 21.99

However, things have changed. You see, Amazon has a “price drop” guarantee that very few people know about. I remembered reading about this over at BluePrint. So, the price for the item that I purchased FELL by 15.24 PER ITEM. So, here is the new and updated chart, with my new EXPECTED minimum profit of: 67.71

Ebay Experiment
Product Costs:
Purchase Price $38.65
Minus Price Drop -$15.24
Ebay Fees $4.16
PayPal Fees $1.80
Actual Shipping $4.05
Product Revenue
Minimum Sale Price: $49.99
Shipping/Handling $6.00
Profit: $22.57
Number of Items: $3.00
Total Profit: $67.71

If you have purchased an item from Amazon in the last 30 days, and the price dropped, I would highly recommend following the advice at BluePrint’s site. The refund form is VERY easy to fill out, and I had an answer back from Amazon in LESS than 2 hours. Awesome, baby! 3 days until the auctions end.