Yard Work and Other Fun Stuff

I spent the majority of yesterday doing some work in our yard. We live on a nice size place, maybe an acre or so, with a big, open front yard and a fenced in back yard. I worked for a long, long time in a front flower bed, cleaning up the debri left from summer, and getting ready for some mulch to go in. As I was working, I was also busy thinking about my financial situation. I can compare where I am at right now to where I am in my flower bed project. I am about half way home. I have a good foundation (a budget, and the plants are planted). I am removing the junk (debt, and the weeds have been pulled). I am preparing for the next step (retirement savings, and laying a nice layer of mulch). Then, I will be in a maintenance phase (following through with my plan, and watering my flower bed). I also noticed, working in a flower bed can be exhausting and refreshing at the EXACT same time. This is JUST like working with personal finances. Sometimes, organizing a budget, paying bills, re-paying debt, these things can be pains in the old neck. BUT, the flip side: better organization, reduced debt, and financial freedom: is WELL worth the effort. Are you struggling a bit today? GOOD…that means you are in the fight. Lazy people are…lazy! They put forth no effort, and are therefore never FRUSTRATED or TIRED. Only those people who are trying to DO SOMETHING ever grow weary. But, they are also the only people to ever feel the exhilaration of accomplishment!

Man, my grammar stinks today.