Off Topic

Bunch O’ Little Bits

Okay…quick notes on lots of things..

1. I have to make a decision about my auto insurance. As of now, we are billed 8 times a year for our auto insurance. We are charged a 5 dollar fee for every bill. That is 40 dollars a year extra. So, I need to decide if the convenience of not having to pay for an entire year’s worth of coverage is worth the 40 bucks.

2. WE HAVE CHICKENS…We went to the local farm supply store this past week, and they had baby chicks. We purchased 4 Rhode Island Red pullets. (A pullet is a female chicken.) unfortunately, 2 of them died in the first week. So, we went back, and replaced those 2 with 2 more Rhode Island Reds AND an additional 2 Gold Sex-Linc chicks. Now we have SIX little biddies. Our 5 year old thinks they are the best things ever…

3. Budget Crunch…We are trying to save, save, save this week, for our vacation that starts next MONDAY…YAY…We have a FREE place to stay, so all we need is spending money, gas money, etc. Going to the beach on the east coast of Florida. We are so pumped.

4. The diet…oh the diet. Do not ask. I did not lose a pound on the weight watchers points plan, because I did a really sorry job of sticking to it. I was just so hungry. So far, this week, I am doing low-carb. Low-carb is the easiest diet ever…meat, eggs, salad, meat, eggs, salad…simple dimple.