First RANT!

Okay, I am tired of it. Every time I go to someone’s blog or financial website, it is the same old thing. People are trying to pay off their debts and “REBUILD” their credit. Stop the insanity! (Susan Powter…was that her name?…would be proud) People, we are in a serious crisis, and we cannot borrow our way out of it. All of these people using credit cards for all these purchases, just to peruse some stupid “reward” points. Dude…I have a Visa that gives me 1 point for every dollar I spend, and it takes 2000 points to get a reward…Know what 2000 points will get ya? A FIVE DOLLAR GAS CARD…Yay! 5 Bucks. Quit worshiping at the altar of credit card scams, promotions, and deals. These companies make millions and millions and millions of dollars. They know what they are doing. Stop playing with wolves…stop, stop, stop. Call me crazy, but I want to avoid adding risk to my life, because life is risky enough WITHOUT my help. Stay away from credit…run, run, run. Do I sound like an idiot? Probably, unless you THINK about what you are doing with your credit. Are you using credit to purchase things that you desperately need. Is credit a “final” fall-back solution to a huge problem in your life? Your final resort… Or, is credit a crutch that allows you to limp along from stupid financial decision to stupid financial decision…hmmmmmm Thanks for your time…ncnblog