Money Management

Home Again…

Well, after a few days away for vacation, we are home again. I will have much to talk about in the next few days, including a brand new rant, a new diet plan, and a new debt payment schedule.

Today, however, I need to tell you about my crap bank. This past week, I tried on FIVE different occasions to make a deposit, and for various reasons, I was unable to do so. This lead to some significant fees and penalties. I am furious. At two of the local branches, they had no envelopes available for night deposit, two ATM’s were down for maintenance, and then, when I did find a branch, they could not make a deposit because I was in a different state than my home state. I am calling today to get this problem fixed, and if they don’t I will list their name here and everywhere else that I can imagine. I will get my revenge!!!!