An Inspiring Debt Reduction Email

I recently received the following inspiring email from Valerie.  Valerie reads No Credit Needed, and she was also a member of the No Credit Needed Network.

Subject: Thank You

I just wanted to let you know that I finally paid off my debt this morning… after clicking online to submit the final payment of $200, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  Your website has truly helped me pace myself, consider purchases for the short and long-term, and think about funding my emergency, house down payment, and retirement funds. I can’t thank you enough for your… personal take on financial management, your thoughtfulness and support. I am incredibly grateful.

I sent Valerie a follow up email, congratulating her on her outstanding progress.  You can click here to view Valerie’s now-completed No Credit Needed Network chart.  In my reply, I reminded Valerie that her progress was a direct result of her hard work and that she should be proud of herself.  I want to thank Valerie for her email, and I want to thank her for allowing me to republish a portion of it here.  Valerie, You Rock!

If you are ready to get out of debt, may I suggest that you read – Debt Reduction 101.