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20 Savings Tips And Counting

If you’ve missed it, I’ve been running a post about the very, very best money saving tips. Well, the post now has 20 tips, from bloggers all around the personal finance blogging world. Please check out the original post here: … Continue reading

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Dish Network : Problems, Frustrations, Resolutions

A few days ago I called Dish Network to see if I could get a discount on my Satellite service. I thought everything had gone fine and dandy, but, alas, the attempt to get a discount hit a snag or … Continue reading

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NCN Land Updates….

As always, there’s a ton of stuff happening here in No Credit Needed Land: The latest episode of the No Credit Needed Podcast can be found here. I have posted tons of new and updated charts over at the No … Continue reading

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Emergency Fund Invasion

Well, well, well. Things were going so very, very well. And then? And then? We had an emergency. A 1000 dollar emergency. We actually had 2 emergencies. One involved a medical need, the other involved an automobile repair. So, I … Continue reading

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