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Garden Planning

It’s almost Spring – which means it’s time for a bit of garden planning. This year, I’m keeping things very, very simple: I am going to plant vegetables that do well in our climate and are relatively easy to care for. I am going to use a single raised-bed for the garden.  In the past, I’ve started out with several beds – only to get frustrated with local deer, the lack of rain, and the lack of production. I’m focusing on quality over quantity.  I’ll grow cucumbers, peas, watermelons, butter beans, and some peppers.  I may add a few more plants, but I want the gardening experience, for 2014, to be enjoyable! Tomorrow, I plan to start a few seed,…

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See Your Life And Save Money

A few weeks ago, two huge trees were removed from the property directly behind our house.  The trees were massive oaks, 100+ years old.  Unfortunately, both were diseased and had to come down. After the trees were felled, I noticed something.  Right next to both trees, “hidden” in plain sight, were four smaller trees – all ready to leaf-out for Spring. We tend to focus on the “oaks” in our lives – our jobs, our paychecks, our rent payments – but it is important that we also learn to see the “other trees” that impact our personal finances.  We need to open our eyes to the many opportunities to save money and improve our lives. Take an honest evaluation of…

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Monthly Money Plan

As part of my ongoing efforts to Simplify. Everything. – I have reworked our monthly money plan. Our monthly money plan details our strategies for managing our household finances.  The money plan is very similar to a budget – but it also incorporates the use of a calendar and a filing system. I like for things to be organized.  Our monthly money plan keeps us on track, moving towards our main goal, and in control of our finances. Our Income Sources – My wife and I both deposit our monthly paychecks on the first day of each month.  This is our regular income. I also receive money for various part-time work.  This is our irregular income. Our Budget – We…

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