Here’s How I Roll

I have found the following to be a good “technique” for putting money away during the month: First, I create a (saving/extra debt payment) goal. For this month it was approx. 2300 dollars from income. Then, I deposit our paychecks into our local bank. Approx. 5000 dollars. So, I have 5K to work with throughout the month. I IMMEDIATELY send…

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Goals, Savings

Focus (Laser Vs. Flashlight)

I took the time to figure out the EXACT amount I will have to save each month, for 8 months, to reach my 20000 dollar goal. I will need to deposit $2434.39 on the first day of each month. I used an excel spreadsheet to calculate the interest, monthly payment, etc. This number will change, a little bit, if the…

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