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24 Hours Of Saving Money

24 Hours of Saving Money:  This is an around-the-clock look at some of the financial decisions we make – and how those decisions affect our pocketbook, our family, and our future.  My wife and I have three kids, we live busy lives, and we are work hard.  Here’s a typical day for our family – broken down by how we save money – and when. 5:00 AM – Enjoy a brisk walk or an at-home workout. Savings = $300 in annual gym-membership fees – and lower long-term health care costs 6:00 AM – Skip the coffee shop and brew at home. Savings = $3-5 a day – and $800-1500 a year 7:00 AM – Check the thermostat. Savings = Heating…

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How To Save Money On Repairs

Here are a few tips and tricks for saving money on repairs – Keep track of your manuals.  I have a binder wherein I keep the manuals for all of the tools and appliances that we buy.  Quick tip – If you’ve lost your manual, check online.  Search by manufacturer and model number. Check to see if the item is under warranty.  Remember those little warranty cards that come with the stuff you buy?  They’re important!  Keep up with them – and register stuff.  If something breaks, and it is still under warranty, you may have it repaired, or replaced, for free! See if you paid for the item with a credit card.  I know, I know.  I’m no fan…

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State Park Parking Fees For Parks In All 50 States

Below is a summary of state park parking fees for parks in all 50 states.  This is an update to a summary from 4 years ago.  We love our state parks here in Georgia – and we enjoy visiting state parks when we travel.  I thought this list might be helpful for others.  Information is subject to change, so please check with the individual park you plan to visit, prior to your trip.  For some states, the state park parking fees are referred to as daily-use fees or entrance fees. Alabama State Parks – From the Alabama State Parks website – Alabama State Parks offer ideal places to stay: resorts, hotels, cabins and cottages, camping; and fun places to play:…

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