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A Simple DIY Way To Make Mulch

Like many folks, we have shrubbery beds surrounding our home.  Today, I had a few extra hours after work, so I grabbed my favorite pruning shears and began the process of pruning our shrubs. We have five major shrubbery beds – one for each side of the house and one that encircles a stand of oaks.  Over the years, I’ve used various material for mulching the beds – pines straw, fallen leaves, and bagged cypress mulch. Over time, whatever mulch is used will compact, disintegrate, and discolor.  So, instead of going out an purchasing some sort of mulch (or raking the neighbor’s yard for pine straw) – I decided to try something a little different. I pruned all of the…

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Top 10 Ways To Save Money

Looking for some ways to save money?  How about ten ways?  Cool.  Check out my Top 10 Ways To Save Money – Click the links to read individual articles about each tip! Number 10 – Cook and Eat at Home Eating out is expensive, especially for families.  Shop wisely for groceries and eat at home. Number 9 – Give Up Hobbies This can be a tough one, but giving up hobbies (at least temporarily) can save some serious cash. Number 8 – Purchase Fresh Produce Shopping locally, in-season, can result in some real savings. Number 7 – Get Fit This one is tough for me.  I work hard to lose weight – and maintain my weight loss – because I…

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Stores That Offer Free Or Discounted Prescription Drugs

Check out this updated list of stores and pharmacies that offer free or discounted prescription drugs.  Save money on your prescriptions.  List updated once a month.  Last updated November 16, 2016. Click the links to view information about each store’s discount prescription drug program – Free Medications – Publix – free antibiotics plus Amlodipine, Lisinopril, and Metformin Discounted Medications – Harris Teeter – Discounted generics Giant Eagle – $4 / $10 generics Walmart – $4 / $10 generics (some states) Fred’s – $4 generics This list was updated November 16, 2014 and will be updated once per month. Information is subject to change.

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