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I did it! I did it! I reached my goal! (Run Lindsay, Run…!)

16 months ago, in April of 2005, I began this blog, No Credit Needed. I was in debt. I owed a total of 11510.22 dollars. In February of 2006, I became debt free. Along the way, I made several friends, many of whom have their own personal finance related blogs. Shortly after reaching my first goal, I decided to set a new, more aggressive goal. I wanted to save 20,000 dollars by 10-10-2006. Well, as of today, 10-10-2006, I have managed to save, in non-retirement accounts, a total of 20,104.76. Yay! I am super, duper excited. This means that in 16 months, I have managed to shift my financial situation 31614.98 dollars. I have learned SO much about myself, about…

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