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Have Gas Station Owners Been Reading No Credit Needed?

I want to once again thank those of you who arrived here via this Money Magazine article about families who are living without credit cards. If this is your first visit to my site, welcome.  I hope you will take a few minutes to read a bit more about me and about how and why I live without credit cards.  Now, today’s post: According to this article – some gas stations have stopped accepting credit cards! Why?  From the article: The National Retail Federation says gas prices point to the unfairness of the system: Gas stations are paying more in interchange fees because the price of gas has gone up, while the cost of processing credit or debit cards remains…

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The New Debit Card Arrived Safe And Sound

A few weeks ago, I lost my ATM card.  Well, I didn’t exactly lose it.  I left it. I left it in an ATM two hundred miles away from home. I was visiting a friend in the hospital, and I wanted to give the family a little cash, just to help them with traveling / lodging expenses.  While talking on the phone with my wife, I drove off from the ATM, and forgot to retrieve my card. I realized my mistake about two hours later.  I called my bank and they immediately ‘locked’ the card from further use.  They also put a ‘watch notice’ on my checking account for any possible fraudulent use.  I was really impressed by the speed…

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Visa Extras Is Now (For Wachovia Customers) Wachovia Possibilities Rewards

I mentioned before how I registered my debit card at Visa Extras so that I can earn bonus points whenever I use my debt card. Well, apparently, individual banking institutions have started to use the Visa Extras interface to create their own debit card bonus rewards websites. I received an email from my bank, Wachovia, noting that my Visa Extras account had been converted to a Wachovia Possiblities Rewards account. (Of course, I did NOT click on any of the links in the email itself. Instead, I went to the Wachovia homepage so that I could verify that the email was not a scam. Please, if you ever receive an email from what appears to be a bank, even if…

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