Budget, Slowing Down

Monthly Money Plan

As part of my ongoing efforts to Simplify. Everything. – I have reworked our monthly money plan. Our monthly money plan details our strategies for managing our household finances.  The money plan is very similar to a budget – but it also incorporates the use of a calendar and a filing system. I like for things to be organized.  Our monthly money plan keeps us on track, moving towards our main goal, and in control of our finances. Our Income Sources – My wife and I both deposit our monthly paychecks on the first day of each month.  This is our regular income. I also receive money for various part-time work.  This is our irregular income. Our Budget – We…

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Budget, Debt Reduction

Hit The Brakes – Get Real About Your Debt

This article is step 2 of the Hit The Brakes – Get Real series.  I encourage you to read step 1 – Get Real About Your Expenses. In this series, we’ll examine ways to stop adding to current debt balances, create a basic budget, and begin the process of moving forward with a solid debt reduction plan. Now that you have a list of next month’s expenses – it’s time to get real about your debt. You’ll need access to your latest account balances.  You may need to log in to your online accounts and / or gather up recent statements.  I use Mint to track my various accounts and to manage our household budget.  It’s a cool tool –…

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Hit The Brakes – Get Real About Your Expenses

Being in debt stinks.  For real. I know.  For years I lived with credit card and automobile debt, worried and frustrated.  So, one day, I decided to do something about my debt. I hit the brakes. I stopped – took a look at where I was – and decided to go in a whole new direction. No Credit Needed was born and my life changed – forever. I think it’s time for a new series here – one I’m calling Hit the Brakes – Get Real.  In it, I’ll explore the steps necessary for analyzing one’s current financial situation and then go over some ways to move forward.  I’ll follow this series with another series – Hit the Gas –…

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