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A Day Organizing Documents

2015 has been an incredibly busy year around the old NCN household.  Honestly, I’ve slacked off a bit with my bookkeeping and document organization – so I took a few hours today to clean things up and get things tidy.  I am now much better prepared for next year.

First, I sorted, organized, paid, and filed this year’s remaining bills.  I am finished with 2015 – and ready for 2016.

Second, I sorted and organized our tax documents for 2015.  Many more will arrive over the next month – so I wanted to be ready.  Receipts and other tax-related items are nice and neat, and we should be ready to file our taxes in February.

Third, I took an hour or so to organize other business-related documents.  My house serves as my main office – for both my regular job and my online ventures – so its important that things be neat and organized.

Fourth, I shredded non-essential documents – mostly old envelopes and unsolicited junk mail.  No matter how often I go through that kind of stuff – I always seem to end up with a stack of it, just sitting around.

Fifth, I sorted through our assortment of important documents – wills, birth certificates, insurance policies – just to make sure that they were all in good shape and accounted for.  I also updated a list of important contact information that I keep on hand, in case of emergencies.

I have stored away all of 2015 documents, purchased a new file-box for 2016 – and I’m ready for the new year.  It feels much better to be organized, ready to go.  Blessings.

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  1. Doesn’t it feel great to have all that paperwork streamed and sorted and to be all ready for a new year. I still need to do that before I go back to work.

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