A Day For Organizing

It had to be done.

Yesterday, I spent several hours organizing paperwork, responding to emails, paying bills, cleaning out my desk, and filing documents.

It was boring, headache-educing, and, as my youngest would say, “none fun”.

Normally, I’m a pretty organized person.  I have several systems in place for managing bills, paperwork, etc.  However, the past two months were filled with much activity – tons of fun stuff with family and encouraging progress at work.

So, yesterday, I sat down with a huge stack of paperwork, a large cup of coffee, and started digging.

I will not bore you with too many details (I filed some paperwork, paid a few bills, sorted through email, updated passwords, etc.)  It was tedious, but necessary work.  And it reminded me –

Life is better, organized.

What took me almost an entire day (minus a couple of hours spent interacting with actual, live humans, in conversation), should have been dealt with in a few minutes, once or twice a week.

Side note – A few weeks ago, I took a trip to Washington D.C. with my son and other family members.  I highly recommend a visit, if you have never been.  The D.C. Metro is clean and efficient, the various Smithsonian Museums were amazing, and the views from Arlington were breathtaking.

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2 thoughts on “A Day For Organizing

  1. Am one of those person who can’t function in a disorganized space. I usually feel like my mind is being pulled in a thousand directions. Over time I have worked up a plan that ensures I organize my documents and declutter stuff at least once a week. Increasingly though am moving my douments and other transactions online where its easier to manage and keep track of.

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