Debt Reduction Takes Attitude

Over at Money Smart Life, there’s a great article about personality traits and how they can help pay off debt.  I particularly like Miranda’s take on the importance of patience –

Sometimes, it’s not about the impetuous and grand gesture. Sometimes it’s about patiently sticking to your plan for the next three years. It can be hard to keep moving forward when you want the problem to be solved right now… You need to be patient as you forge new financial habits, and get used to making your regular debt payments.


I would add that patience – a willingness to endure – can be coupled with persistence – a fixed determination – to produce amazing results!

Debt reduction requires a solid debt reduction plan, but it also requires a lot of attitude, a lot of got-to, and a lot of moving-forward.  Be blessed.

2 thoughts on “Debt Reduction Takes Attitude

  1. Both mentioned are very important! It’s difficult to see your goal and know that unlike how debt was acquired (immediately), that the pay off will take longer. My debt reduction plan started last August ($17k) and I’ll be done in February. It’s been a tough road, and I’ve learned that there are many things we say we ‘need’, that we really don’t. Autopay through your bank is a great tool also. Every time I’ve paid something off or finished with a contract (gym membership, smartphone, etc.), that money has been automatically applied to my debt. Interested to see how much I’ll be able to save, come debt freedom day.

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