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Debt Reduction Success Stories

Debt Reduction Success Stories:

I recently asked my followers to share their debt reduction success stories.  Here are some of my favorites:

@Elle_CM has a great article about How To Pay Off Car Loan over at CoupleMoney.

@FCN from Five Cent Nickel did an awesome thing and paid off his mortgage – in less than 10 years!  That’s pretty cool.

@CanadianFinance recently hit a major milestone – and paid off all consumer debt.  Check out Canandian Finance Blog for how what he plans to do next.

@nodebtplan from No Debt Plan put together a plan – and paid off a second mortgage.  It’s always fun to see those things go bye, bye!

If you have a similar article – one you have written or one you have read – hit me up on and share it with me.  If I think it might benefit my readers, I’ll add it to this post.  I’d love to have one big page of debt reduction success story after debt reduction success story after debt reduction success story.  Debt reduction rocks!

If you are not on Twitter, never fear.  Leave a link here in the comments, but be forewarned.  My spam software might hold your comment for moderation.  Be patient and I’ll definitely get around to reading all submitted articles.

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