Saying Goodbye To A Strange Year

It’s time to say goodbye to 2009 and hello to 2010.  I hope all of my readers will have a blessed and profitable 2010.

For me, 2009 was a bit of a strange year.  I dealt with a couple of health issues, including kidneys stones and some back pain.  I never really got into a good “groove” in 2009.  I can’t describe it, but for some reason, 2009 just felt like a throw-away year.

Financially, I worked hard and kept plugging along, but I never felt like I was really accomplishing anything.  Perhaps it was the general financial malaise – but I just felt “out of sorts” all year.

I certainly don’t mean to give the wrong impression.  I wasn’t depressed and I feel good about some of the progress I made in 2009, but, taken as a whole, the year just had a very weird, very odd, very strange feeling.  (Am I the only one who felt like this?  Perhaps…)

I can honestly say, the past month or so, I feel a renewed enthusiasm – for blogging, for weight loss, for financial management – all of it.  I have had to shift my focus, away from some projects that were too time consuming and towards projects that I could fit into my schedule, and now that those difficult decisions have been made I feel much better.

2010 is shaping up to be a very interesting year.  Hopefully (and one can never tell), the worst of the financial meltdown is behind us and the entire economy can move forward.  I am preparing myself for a better year, and I’m approaching 2010 with a renewed interest in money management.

My plan is to return to daily posting, with an eye towards encouraging others who are getting out of debt and striving to live debt free.  I also have some big changes, just right around the corner, that I can’t wait to share with my readers.  Again, I hope that you have a blessed and profitable 2010.  Rock on.

4 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye To A Strange Year

  1. 2009 is definitely a year I would not care to repeat. What wasn’t totally negative, was, at most, kinda blah. I, too, am anxious for the next year–heck, the next decade–to be a lot more fulfilling.

  2. Hi,

    Found your blog some time back and read lots of old post. They were very inspiring.

    So sorry to know about all the health troubles you faced in 2009. I am sure 2010 is going to be better for you.

    Financially, personally I found 2009 was much better year then 2008.
    But I hope we all will have 2010 even better then 2010.

    Keep writing.

  3. Totally know how you feel. 2009 was not great–death of a parent for both me and my bf. Broke my foot, which took more than 4 months to heal (and is still not 100%). Cat had to have 11 teeth removed.

    I wasn’t depressed either, but I just felt like I was slogging through thick mud. I started getting very excited as 2009 came to a close. This is definitely going to be a good year. I can feel it.

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