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Kroger Ending Baby Club Rewards Program

If you are enrolled in Kroger’s Baby Club rewards programs, be sure to check your mail.  I just received a letter from them, notifying me that they have decided to end their current Baby Club program, effective yesterday.  Inside the letter was a coupon, equal to the value of my current points balance – in my case $10.  I am a little disappointed with the fact that the program has been discontinued, but thankful for the $10 coupon.

As I have mentioned before, I actually enjoy shopping for groceries.   I use my grocery store price book to track the prices at Kroger, and I have noticed a definite uptick in prices over the last year, especially for their store-branded items.  The Baby Club was a nice way to save a few bucks, and now that it has been discontinued, I may decide to look for a new grocery store of choice.

As a final note, the last line in the letter from Kroger did mention that they will be sure to send special offers to my family.  My hope is, and only time will tell, that the coupons they send will compensate for the loss of the rewards program.  We shall see.

2 thoughts on “Kroger Ending Baby Club Rewards Program

  1. I actually did not know of this program, but would have loved it since I have a baby and shop a lot at Payless (it is Kroger, but called Payless in my part of the country). I just recently got in the mail a big booklet of coupons from Payless though for some really big savings on Comforts brand, their generic baby products, such as $5 and $3 off various items, many of which I actually use. You may want to look into getting this booklet of coupons from them if it hasn’t come in the mail already.

  2. We don’t have Kroger out here, but I’ve been reading about the end of the Baby Club at various coupon forums. Like you, many shoppers are thinking about taking their business elsewhere. I wonder if Kroger will come to regret their decisiont to end the program.

    @Taylor – I have a Kroger affiliate out here in Southern California as well, called Ralphs, and they do not have the Baby Club here. So you might not have been missing anything at all.

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