Fox Business HD Now On Dish Network

Fox Business is now available to Dish Network customers on channel 206.

The financial news channel, which competes with CNBC, is available in both high definition and standard definition.

I have been watching Fox Business for a couple of days, and I am impressed with their daily lineup.  I especially like Dave Ramsey’s show, which airs each night at 8:00 pm, with repeats at midnight.

By the way, if your cable or satellite provider does not carry Dave’s show, and you want to check it out, you can, for free, over at hulu.  New episodes are posted 15 days after they broadcast.  Click here to view the most recently posted episodes of the Dave Ramsey television show.

3 thoughts on “Fox Business HD Now On Dish Network

  1. I like both CNBC and Fox Business. The HD channels are great because of all the extra news and information they add to the side.

  2. I’m glad that DISH Network added Fox Business to their HD content! It’s great! Your right Thomas, it’s even better in HD because of the extra news and info on the side, now you can see it clearer than ever! DISH has always been great with their HD line-up and they proudly now have the most HD channels than any other provider! Working with DISH I am also proud to say that they offer HD Free for Life too! So if you have the America’s Top 250 you can enjoy Fox Business HD free! Great deal! 🙂

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