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Dedicate 7 Hours For Healthier Finances – Hour 2

The goal: Dedicate 1 hour a day, for 7 days, and improve the health of our finances.

Hour 2 (00:00 – 50:00)

Gather, organize, make copies of, and decide how to preserve, store, and protect important documents –

Important Documents
Birth Certificates
Social Security Cards
Marriage License
Driver’s License
End of Life Documents
List of Financial Accounts
Car Titles
Tax Returns
Insurance Policies

Hour 2 (50:00 – 60:00)

Brainstorm –

Are there documents that I need to find?

Are there additional documents that I need?

Do I have a will?  Do I have a living will?  Are there other end-of-life documents I need to create?

Do I need a safe, or a safety deposit box?

Over the course of this week, I’ll write five more articles about improving the health of our finances.  Each article should take just a few minutes to read, and the steps outlined should take about an hour to do.  Depending on the health of your finances, you might be able to breeze through the steps in just minutes – or it might take you much longer, if things are in need of repair.  My goal, however, is to keep the steps to a minimum, and to make them as easy-to-follow as is possible.

Consider Hour 2.  If you will take the time to do all of the steps outlined above, you’ll have a list of your financial accounts, your important documents will be organized, and you’ll know which documents you need to find and / or create.  And, you will have accomplished all of these things, in about an hour!

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Additional Resource -  How To Replace Destroyed Or Lost Important Documents by Bargaineering.

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2 thoughts on “Dedicate 7 Hours For Healthier Finances – Hour 2

  1. Thanks for the reminder! I usually keep a photocopy of my license, credit cards, health insurance cards in a safe location and in the past month I replaced several of these. It’s time to update my copy!

  2. I keep close tabs on our finances, but this was a great reminder of some documents I need to update more regularly and keep on file. Thanks for the reminder!

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