This Could Be The Day

This could be the day that you…

decide to get out of debt

start to live on a budget

stop arguing with your spouse

start talking to you spouse

teach your kids about money

send five extra dollars to the credit card company

get rid of bad spending habits

embrace bold, significant change

choose to believe that you are worth it

choose to believe that your kids are worth it

choose to believe that your family is worth it

choose to believe that your future is worth it

stop wasting time

start redeeming the time

believe in a better life

dream a bigger dream

plan for a better tomorrow

start to rock

This could be the day – your day – the day you look back and mark as the day you finally decided to do something about your finances.  For me, that day came April 5, 2005, the day that I decided that I had finally had enough – and that I was going to do something about my financial situation.  This could be your day – if you make it so!  Let the fear and anger and hope and promise associated with your current financial situation rise up, from deep within, and then harness that power – and rock!

10 thoughts on “This Could Be The Day

  1. If people realized how liberating and freeing it is to be sans debt it would be more people’s day to get out of debt. Too bad everyone thinks it hard and a drag.

  2. I decided about 3 years ago that debt wasn’t for me. So far I’m trying to get through college without debt at all. It’s hard, but its worth it and it’s working.

  3. The best part about being out of debt is that when you get a paycheck you have so many options.I will usually take 10% and put into a vacation account. Maybe take 50% and put into an investment. the options are endless. When you are in debt you know that every time you get paid it goes to the credit card company.

  4. Sometimes “the day” comes when you come across something that tells you things need to change. For me, it happened when I saw how my finances compared to those of other people like me. It happened when I visited this site…

    I think that seeing what shape you’re in relative to others like yourself if more powerful a message than just listening the all of those wealthy financial gurus on TV.

  5. Arguing with your spouse is kind of like wasting time. At the end, you realize you could have done something more constructive with your time and energy. Not to mention the time spent making up 🙂

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