2008 Charity Spotlight

For the third year in a row, I’m asking my fellow personal finance bloggers to write articles about their favorite charities.  If you have a personal finance blog – or any old type of blog – and you would like to participate in this year’s 2008 Charity Spotlight, write a post about your favorite charity, publish it, and contact me.  If you do not have a blog, but you would like for me to mention a charity that you love, contact me, and let me know a little about the charity, and why you think it rocks.  As I receive them, I’ll share your articles, charities, and suggestions with my readers.  When writing about your charity, be sure to include any pertinent contact and website information.  Any help in promoting this year’s Charity Spotlight would be greatly appreciated.

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Spotlighting The First Four Charities

4 thoughts on “2008 Charity Spotlight

  1. I highlighted the 2 charities Mr Chiots and I are involved in and donate money to on my blog today:

    Mr Chiot’s and I donate to Rett Syndrome Research Trust (it helps develop drugs for Rett Syndrome). We have friends who have a 3 year old daughter with Rett Syndrome and that’s why we donate to this charity.

    We also donate money to the Colombian Christian Mission to provide an education for poor children in Colombia, South America through their Colegio Peniel Scholarship Program. My parents run this mission and we have visited the school many times and made videos for them to help them raise funds for scholarships, equipment and buildings. We are very involved in this mission as well.

    I highlighted both of these on my blog today with links to the different charities and I even included a short video about the Colegio Peniel Scholarship program that Mr Chiots and I made last year when we went to Colombia.

    These are the 2 main charities that we support through funds and with our talents. We feel very strongly about being involved in charities not just by giving money but by giving of your time and talents to thelp them in other ways.

  2. A charity that has been near and dear to my heart for many years is SOS Outreach (formerly known and beloved by me as Snowboard Outreach Society). Its mission is to take at risk youth all over the country and introduce them to the sport of snowboarding, giving them a taste of the mountains, the fresh air, and a life outside of what they normally deal with. It’s b een shown that this can be a big paradigm shift for kids, and that for many of them, getting this exposure to another part of life can have tremendous affects over the long term for these kids.

    Anyone interested can see more about them at

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