Hit A Deer

Last Friday night, while driving my daughter home from gymnastics practice, I hit a deer with my car.  (Technically, the deer hit my car, too.)  My car suffered some damage to the right front fender, and both passenger doors.  The car’s passenger-side mirror was destroyed.

Thankfully, my daughter and I are find.  I’m not able to say, with any level of certainty, that the same is true for the deer.  After the collision, I kept driving until I could find a safe place to pull off of the road, and I never saw what happened to the deer.  I hope the deer is okay.  I’m fine and so is my daughter.

I called my insurance company’s claims department they should process the claim in a day or so.  We’ll need to dip into our emergency fund (or use money from our miscellaneous budget category) to cover the deductible amount.

I’ll let you know how things pan out – and I’ll even post some before and after photos.  I would have had some shots for this article, but I actually drove the car to my wife’s school this morning, and brought her van home.

On a much happier front, I’m down 17.2 pounds!

6 thoughts on “Hit A Deer

  1. Oh my goodness!! Glad you guys are ok.

    And congrats on the 17 lbs. Great work!

  2. Back in high school a buddy of mine was driving his late 90’s Geo Metro to school in the morning and he hit a cow of all things. We live in a large city but there are still little ranches in the suburbs. One of the cows got out and it happened to be foggy and dark that morning. He hit it going 55 mph. It is a pure miracle that he did not get hurt, at all, since the cow rolled over the entire top of his car and flattened the cabin to the point it was level with the hood!!!

    I would rather hit a deer, it not anything at all. How much is your deductible? Not a lot I hope.

    – Neko

  3. Glad you and your daughter are ok.

    You’ll know the economy is really bad when people hit a deer, then stop and strap it to the hood to go in the freezer.

  4. @steve I’m from the south… trust me, I’ve seen more than my share of deer strapped to hoods of cars 🙂 yee-haw!

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